Cuirass with pauldrons, late 15th century


This set consists of a front plate with a plackart, a back plate, which is partly anatomically shaped and a pair of pauldrons. The rolled edges are roped. The breastplate is closed on both sides with three pairs of belts with metal buckles. More information...

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Cuirass with pauldrons, late 15th century

The front and back lames are movable. The pauldrons are attached to the front plate with leather straps. The three-part pauldrons are decorated with rivets. The upper arms are protected with three plates.

20-Apr 2019
Ivan Kruljac
verified review
This is an excellent piece of equipment. It fits well, it is not too heavy and allows decent mobility. Apart from that, it is just beautiful, a marvelous artisan creation. I recommend it highly, especially to anyone on a tight budget. You can't get much better than this for this price

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