Hip flask

The hip flasks may vary shapes, design, material and extent. They were made from silver, glass or pewter, but today they are made from Stainless Steel. Most of them are shaped for wearing in pockets or as it was before, stuck in garter. You can also find hip flask which has a screw cap, and it can be used as snorter. Anyway, most people drink it directly just from the flask.

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Great Gift

In most cases, you can buy them empty and then they are filled with arbitrary fluid. Thanks to the possibility to engrave on the surface names, dates, pictures etc. It’s becoming to be the original and practical gift for everyone. There are many varieties, so take a chance to give anyone this special present. Now you can find even some bracelets that can be used as a designed hip flask.


Hip flasks were mostly tucked into a garter in 1926 while was in the US prohibition. Thanks to this, they had specific shapes, to be comfortable for wearing adjacent to the leg. They were also used in 18 century by members of the gentry. In the Middle Ages, there were much bigger versions of hip flasks and their purpose was for store liquid from gutted fruit. A lot of these flasks are now used just for decorative or collectors purposes. Anyway, you can buy a brand new piece which is suitable for contact with food and drinks. 

Hip Flasks in movies

We can spot these flasks in many movies or serials. For example, you can often see it in The Two and Half Man, where Charlie Harper drink from his flask wherever he can. The Simpsons, where Homer, even when he mostly drink beer, drink also from this hip flask some liquid and offering Bart to try it. Rick and Morty, the serial in which Rick still have his hip flask in the lab coat. Anyway, it is illegal to drink from these flasks on the public.