Horsemen weapons

Do you often go to historical events, during which you attend riding tournaments? And do you need a suitable weapon that can be used while riding? This category “Horsemen weapons” is tailor-made for you! There are many historical replicas of weapons that are adapted to use during riding. Your re-enactments of medieval battles will be more perfect now!

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The sword was as important as the horse for a medieval knight. A knight without a horse and a sword was nobody. Even his courage was almost useless without these attributes. The knight had to own the best horsemen weapons to be good during a fight.

We offer horsemen weapons in this category, such as longswords, horsemen épées, sabres, axes, battler hammers and maces too. Also the defensive shield was important for medieval knight besides a sword. He defeated even ten foot soldiers thanks to this gear. The tournament duel was a different case – knights had long spears with which they had to knock the second knight from his horse. Every good knight was wholeheartedly faithful to his lord. He was loyal, brave and generous.

Choose the horsemen weapon with which you will be the best in the fight on horseback. Try to experience the feeling. Be lost yourself in the past.

And take a look at other equipment for horses and for you too, e.g. beautiful caparisons, horsemen armour, spurs or whips.

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