Blunt weapons

Are you interested in historical weapons? Do you attend historical re-enactments and battle reconstructions? Maybe you will like our wide range of blunt (club-like) weapons. These weapons cause injury by brute force. Among blunt weapons count clubs, flails, battle hammers, maces and morning stars. Don´t hesitate to take a look at this interesting category.

A blunt weapon (like maces, battle hammers and flails) is any solid object used as a weapon, which damages its target by applying direct mechanical force, and has no penetrating point or edge, or is wielded so that the point or edge is not the part of the weapon that inflicts the injury. Blunt instruments may be contrasted with edged weapons, which inflict injury by cutting or stabbing. The effect of such weapon is determined by the muscular force of its holder.

Blunt weapons were probably the oldest weapons ever. The club was already used as a weapon by prehistoric hunters. They killed even mammoths with clubs. Cutting weapons were developed gradually. For example: sabre or sword also be used for stabbing and blowing besides its main cutting function. The same holds true also for the axe.

The main difference between a blunt weapon and a cutting (bladed) weapon is the sharpened blade. One type of blunt weapon is the mace. However, the mace can have a head composed of sharpened blades (plates). All of these weapons combine blades and thorns on their percussive parts. Morning stars and battle hammers are two examples.

Flails are represented in our offer too. They are medieval weapons that were mainly used by the Hussites. The flail is composed of thorny metal ball that is attached to a wooden handle by chain.

Enrich your collection of historical weapons! Get ready for the next battle! ... by obtaining one of our blunt weapons.

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