Leather whips and scourges

If you are looking for a leather whip or a scourge, you are at the right place! Our leather whips and scourges are quality and precisely made by knowledgeable craftsmen. They are intended for decorative purposes. They will look great on your farm, castle, in period restaurant or in the stable. Our speciality is the perfect American cowboys' whip.

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The Complex History of Leather Manufacturing: From the Prehistoric Times to the Present Day
The Complex History of Leather Manufacturing: From the Prehistoric Times to the Present Day
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Leather is one of the oldest natural materials that has been used by mankind since the beginning. Whether you like leather jackets, handbags or leather shoes, these products wouldn’t have been here without the ingenuity and patience of our early…

Leather whips and scourges

When it is said "whip", surely you will imagine the atmosphere of the Wild West: hot, chapped soil, dusty roads and sound of cracking the whip. Yes, a cowboy is running his cattle somewhere. Whips were used already in the Neolithic. They served for hunting and cattle breeding. And they are still used to control cattle.

The leather whips were used not only to control the cattle, but also people in ancient times. Slaves were forced to work faster and more efficiently using them. They also became the tools of punishment and torture. And this horrifying custom was also used in the Middle Ages, of course.

The leather whip sometimes was used as an instrument with magical powers. People chased the clouds, rain and other adverse weather conditions away using them.

The leather scourge has a little other utilization. It is designed specifically for beating people. Scourge looks like a whip, but a whip composed of several strands.

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