Resin Statues

Are you fascinated by the Middle Ages? Would you like to live in the time when valiant knights devotedly served their kings and queens? Our Knight figures and statuettes and a piece of your fantasy can by the key to this world!. You can find knight figures and statuettes from synthetic resin or knight chessmen in this category. Make your home into a medieval kingdom!

Resin Statues

Our Knight figures and tin soldiers are made in the tradition of their historical predecessor. Knights were medieval warriors on horseback. A horse and a sword were indispensable parts of a knight′s equipment. Besides the sword a knight could be also armed with a spear, axe, hammer or a mace. The knight and his horse were protected from injuries by plate armour. Armour of a knight was composed of heavy armour, a helmet and a shield.

Knights had to be of noble birth. A knighting was a tradition. It took place in a church or even on the battlefield. The knight knelt and recited the oath. He was knighted by his ruler or his assistant. The knights were brave, loyal and generous.

We are still fascinated by the old times of the knights. Even today, we read the old chivalric romances and watch historical films from the Middle Ages. Who would not like stories about Don Quixote, who tilts at windmills, or tales about King Arthur, Merlin and the sword Excalibur?

Our Knight figures and tin soldiers that you can see in our online store, are made out of tin or synthetic resin. Polyresin is durable material, so statues made from it can be placed under the open air, exposed to sun and weather conditions. Each collector of tin soldiers will be delighted by these knight figures. Statuettes of knights from polyresin can also enrich your collection. Add a new dimension to your chess game. Play with our knight  chessmen. Decorate your home with Knight figures and tin soldiers! Make yourself happy!