Other leather products

Many types of various leather products can be found in our e-shop. These products usually are hand-made in high-quality and created with a love by skilful craftsmen. There are also historical drums, leather armbands, leather linings into the helmets or leather slings among our other leather products. Choose the leather product according to your needs and wishes!

Our wide range contains many types of various leather products. There are historical drums, leather slings, leather linings into the helmets and also leather armbands. Leather as material has many advantages therefore it has been popular since prehistoric times. It is durable and flexible material. It is obtained from skinning of animals. Processed animal skin serves for making leather shoes, clothing, accessories and protective gears.

Handmade historical drums are the speciality in our e-shop. Drums are one of the oldest musical instruments in general. Drums consist of at least one membrane that is stretched over a shell and struck with the player's hands or with a drum stick to produce sound. The drums have a symbolic significance in many traditional cultures. They are also used during religious rituals and therapeutic processes. Their use during military marches is also known. They often serve in modern music now.

Choose the right of our other leather products! You might be interested in our leather bags, belts and gloves too.

Advisory Service: Questions and Answers

What is the difference between industrially rolled and hand-forged blades?

In the case of hand-forged blades, our blacksmith takes the already rolled spring steel and forges it by hand on the anvil or under the drop hammer. The steel gets more solid (denser) by forging. In the case of industrially rolled spring steel blades, the sheets of steel plate is cut to strips under drop snips, then ground or milled and immediately forged into the annealing furnace and oil-quenched. The properties of both kinds of steels are not very different, since industrial rolling is already very good! On forged blades are usually blacksmith marks, which give them an authentic and unique look.

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