Marto's tradition of masterful sword smithing

Marto's tradition of masterful sword smithing

For over 100 years, Espadas y Sables de Toledo, S.L. has been producing bladed weapons under the MARTO and BERMEJO brands using traditional craftsmanship. The company, based in Toledo (Spain), can look back on a rich history of sword forging workshops that have made the world-famous city of Toledo a household name for centuries.

Modern technology complements centuries-old techniques

The company prides itself on the traditionally very high quality of its metalworking. Despite the over-technologized present, it has succeeded in passing on the craft from father to son. However, craftsmanship and technology are by no means outdated - on the contrary! Traditional craftsmanship is constantly being further developed through the use of new technologies and techniques. Marto's products, which we offer in the Outfit4Events online store, repeatedly win outstanding prestige at international trade fairs.

The wide range of production includes not only swords

The Marto brand has made a name for itself internationally among manufacturers of swords and other bladed weapons. It is also dedicated to the production of decorative replicas of plate armour, shields and other decorative accessories related to historical warfare. The online store Outfit4Events offers most of the range of this famous brand. These products include:

1. Swords of famous kings and rulers

2. Movie swords

3. Historical daggers

4. Japanese swords (katanas, wakizashi, tanto)

5. Sword stands and racks

6. Shields and decorative knight armour

World leader in the manufacture of bladed weapons for today's armies

The Bermejo brand manufactures military swords and sabres that are part of the current armament of many armies around the world. This brand is a world leader in this field!

The origins of the Marto brand

When the Marto brand was founded in 1961 in the old quarter of Toledo, its aim was to reconstruct and revive the old techniques of the Toledo swordsmiths. Even the first swords of this brand were characterised by their outstanding quality. The exceptional value of Marto swords is based on traditional craftsmanship, time-honoured technical processes, a team of experts who are passionate about reviving tradition and the legendary water power of the River Tagus, where the blades were traditionally tempered.

Toledo is to the Spanish what Solingen is to the Germans

Toledo is famous for its rich history, its fine art and its quality steel. Sword making in Toledo dates back to Roman era. Between the 15th and 17th centuries, the art of the sword makers in Toledo developed to such an extent that the art of swordsmithing in Toledo was considered the best in Europe. Blade weapons were produced piece by piece in workshops scattered throughout the city. The final quality of the products was monitored by a guild of swordsmiths.

The fame of Toledo steel

The fame of Toledo steel was based on the mastery of the hardening process by the metalworkers, who had no technical knowledge or instruments to measure the high temperatures of the material. This skill and mastery, also known as the "secret of tempering", was closely guarded by all Toledo swordsmiths and is still passed down from generation to generation, as evidenced by the uniqueness of "Toledo steel".

The MARTO brand is proof of the preservation of this "secret of hardening" in the spirit of the local tradition of sword masters, who proudly label their products as "Made in Toledo", thus expressing that the weapon in question was made from this famous Toledo steel.

The "Made in Toledo" seal is strictly protected

The right to the "Made in Toledo" seal is strictly regulated by the Toledo City Council and the local craft guild and is a guarantee of centuries of labour and experience, during which many valuable bladed weapons have been produced. The prestigious "Made in Toledo" label is also a commitment to maintaining the traditionally high quality of craftsmanship.

This label is protected by law against unauthorised misuse. Consumers can therefore be assured that when they purchase an item bearing this seal, they are receiving a legitimate and authentic piece of Toledo craftsmanship made to the highest quality standards.


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