Scottish Kilts and Clothing

Are you interested in the history of Scotland? Do you like the movie Braveheart? Are you looking for a typical Scottish kilt? Then you are right on our website! There are various Scottish kilts and Scottish clothing inspired by history. Take a look at our range of beautiful historical Scottish costume!

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Scottish Kilts and Clothing

When it is said "History of Scotland", a film the Braveheart with Mel Gibson will be brought back to you immediately. The film is about William Wallace's fight for independence of Scotland. The fate of William Wallace ended tragically. However, brave Scotsman has become a national hero. But no fight is futile. Our Scottish clothing are inspired by the clothing of the Scottish hero. We offer e.g. “Braveheart William Wallace Shirt” or “Braveheart William Wallace Kilt and Belt”.

The most typical Scottish clothing is a Scottish kilt - men's plaid skirt. Underwear is not worn under this skirt. The kilt is part of the Scottish national dress. These accessories are part of the Scottish kilt: a kilt pin (a safety pin), kilt hose (woollen socks), sporran (which hangs around the waist from a chain or leather strap) and sgian dubh (a small sheathed knife worn in the top of the hose). You will find many different types of Scottish kilts in our e-shop. We also offer ladies’ Scottish dresses and skirts. Take a look at also other historical costumes, which are included in our offer.