Self Defence Weapons

You will find varieties of modern weapons for your defence in the category "Self Defence Weapons". You can buy from us kubotans, tonfas or expandable batons. We offer also pepper sprays with very effective paralysing active ingredients. Defend yourself with one of our means or Self Defence Weapons.

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Self Defence Weapons

Do you not feel on the streets not safely enough? Do you do a dangerous job or just go home from work through a dangerous zone? Maybe you will feel safer, if you equip yourself with an expandable baton or a pepper spray. Our Self Defence Weapons are here for you to help in the event of an attack. Before you will buy a Self Defence Weapon, think about who your potential attacker may be. If you are travelling to a foreign country, find out whether this weapon is not forbidden to import there first (e.g. Russia or Switzerland).

Pepper spray is weapon that should be in every woman's handbag. Men use them as well, as there is nothing wrong in it. On the contrary! You never know what can happen. It is a chemical weapon that can paralyze an aggressor quickly. He will not be capable of any fast reactions due to severe pains in the eyes and airways after directed spraying. Pepper spray (OC) is recommended to tourists against bears in Alaska. If the spray hits eyes or nose of a bear, its attack can be fended off effectively.

Expandable baton is a modern striking weapon used for self-defence. It is typically composed of a cylindrical outer shaft containing telescoping inner shafts (typically 2 or 3 segments, depending on the design) that lock into each other when expanded. Tonfa is also a striking weapon that is also used in martial arts. Kubotan is slightly thicker or the same size as a marker pen. It should be about 1 cm longer than your palm. Kubotan looks as an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye, although it may be considered an offensive weapon in some jurisdictions.

You will feel safely with a Self Defence Weapon from Outfit4Events on your journeys. Equip yourself with some. You will find both affordable pieces and high-quality professional models.