Backgammon it not only fun, but it also improves your strategic and tactical skills. It is one of the oldest board games in the world, and still very popular among players of all age groups!

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The objective of the game is to move all the fifteen pieces (also known as “tablemen” or “checkers”) around the board before your opponent, according to the roll of the dice. This simple yet challenging goal gives the game just the right amount of momentum.

How to play Backgammon? The rules of Backgammon may be simple at first glance, but they offer room for advanced strategy and tactics. Each player has a set of game pieces that they move according to the roll of two dice. Although the outcome of the dice rolls affects the course of the game, strategic thinking and the ability to anticipate your opponent's moves are crucial.

Backgammon is the perfect choice for those looking for a balanced combination of luck, strategy and fun. The versatility of the game makes it suitable for a wide range of players - from beginners who are just learning the rules, to experienced players who are able to use complex strategies and tactics.

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