Leather bottles

Do you go on long trips to the countryside? Get a leather bottle for water, wine or tea. Our leather bottle are inspired by ancient times and made with a love for history and craft. Your water bottle will have a style from now! Choose from our wide range of goods!

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Leather bottles

Leather bottles usually have a flattened shape. Water bottles were made from leather in the Middle Ages. They are made from solider materials (aluminum, stainless steel, plastic) today. These materials are covered with the thermally insulated layer to retain the original temperature of beverages. Canteens are usually equipped with loops through which cord or strap is threaded to easy carrying.

Leather bottles were already made in the prehistory. They were used by pilgrims on their move in the Middle Ages. Then the canteens became a useful part of the military equipment. Canteen should have low weight and should be able to stand to up the impacts. Secure cap is a necessity and must remain in place even during bad manipulation. Leather bottles must have also thermal insulating properties and should be easy to wash.

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