Musketeer Costumes

Do you want to go to masquerade or even historical event? Do you need a costume of musketeer? Would you like to look like the famous musketeer d'Artagnan? Then you can choose from our large range of costumes Musketeer! They are made well and in detail. They can be applied in theater or film.

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Musketeer Costumes

You can find different types of Musketeer costumes in this category. We offer costumes for adults but also for children. Some costumes are multi-part and composed of shirt, vest, trousers, sash and hat. Some costumes are composed of one part – for example musketeer vest, trousers or shirt. Be one in the musketeers. "All for one, one for all."

Our Musketeer Costumes are great for various historic opportunities. Take a look at other historical costumes which can be found here. Also historical replicas of weapons can be interesting for you. For example épées were worn by musketeers too.

Musketeers fought primarily with firearms called muskets. Musket range was 200 – 300 meters. These soldiers were used in the armies by the end of 16th century. They were armed with épées and daggers besides muskets. A loading of musket was long and complicated. It was one of the reasons why the Musketeers formed an order of battle with pikemen. The pikemen fought with pikes.

Choose your Musketeer Costume from our great offer!