Leather products

You will find a wide range of various products made of genuine leather in the category Leather products. Many useful items are offered here. Your attention can rest on belt bags, Celtic bags, medieval bags, leather bottles, leather gloves or whips. These leather products are inspired by the ancient and recent history. We are sure you will be pleased by many of them.

Leather is a very durable and flexible material. That is why leather products have been popular among the general public since time out of mind. Leather is gained by skinning of slaughtered animals. Processed animal skin has always been used as a raw material for a production of clothing. Leather is also used for a production of shoes (see the category historical shoes), accessories and other products.

Cowhide is often used even today. Sheep hide or deer hide are used as well. Products from these hides are softer and usually more expensive.

Leather is also used as a material for binding of book . A leather-bound book is characterized by high price and prestige. Specifically, the leather is also used in the production of percussion musical instruments - drums. However, today the leather is superseded by artificial materials. Modern fake leather looks very genuine-like. It is cheaper, but still does not reach the quality of genuine leather.

Leather has always been appreciated for its strength and durability. You will find durable leather bags made in the style matching different historical eras and cultures. You can have a look at our categories Celtic bags, Viking bags, Scottish sporrans. There are also medieval leather bags, medieval leather belts, leather pouches, leather gloves, leather holsters, bottles, whips and many other leather products.

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Do you make custom-sized chain mail armor?

The production of chain mail armor requires a lot of human handiwork. We were affected by an important fact that also changed the rules in many other industries. The labor costs of European workers far exceed the labor costs in Asia, even if you take into account the transport costs from Asia! For this simple reason, in the EU there are no workshops that manufacture chain mail armor professionally - and we are working with professionals only! Hobby-producers, who occasionally work in their garages, do not fit into our business concept. We are very sorry; we cannot make for you any mail armor made-to-your measure. Some re-enactors found a solution for this situation: they buy our imported standard-sized mail shirts (sometimes oversize or several pieces), unravel them and make tailor-made mail shirts, legs and other armor parts by themselves.

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