Do you often go for lengthy walks to unknown landscapes? Are you looking for a suitable gift for the traveller? Certainly you will excite about one of our great compasses! You can find simple and inexpensive compasses and compasses in a luxury design in our range. Take a look at also military compasses, compasses for Muslims or wrist compasses.

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A compass is a navigational instrument that can determine the direction of the cardinal points. You will determine your location using this instrument. Movable magnetic needle is the most important part of the compass. This needle keeps the direction north-south according to the earth's magnetic field. The compasses are also suitable gifts for your close friends. You can simply write on the gift:  "So you'll always find me”.

The first mentions of the use of compass come from China from the 11th century. Characteristics of magnetite were used even earlier. Lodestone was inserted in a cork or piece of wood and placed in a bowl of water. Classical model of compass had needle in the shape of a slender diamond. It was used in the Middle Ages and modern times too. He was placed in a case, on which compass rose was drawn. It was used mainly by sailors. Similar compasses serve us also today.

There are also thumb compasses. These compasses are used in orienteering, a sport in which map reading and terrain association are paramount. They often are transparent so that an orienteer can hold a map in the hand with the compass and see the map through the compass. A bearing can be taken with this compass.

Classical compasses and also modern compasses with other specific characteristics can be found in our e-shop.

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