Shoe size after foot length

Shoe size after foot length
So that the purchase does not end so often with return, you should be able to determine your shoe size correctly. Here you will find simple instructions, how to measure your length of the foot that determines the shoe size.

Stand with your foot on a sheet of paper and slide your heel against the wall. Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed between both legs. You can wear the socks you are planning to wear with the shoes you would like to buy. Do not push the heel against the wall. Ask another person to mark on the paper where the farthest part of your foot reaches. It is usually the thumb that reaches the furthest. The mark should be drawn straight vertically. The distance of the mark from the wall corresponds to your foot length. You can then easily determine your correct shoe size according to the sizing chart below.

Shoe size
Foot length
Insole length
EU 35 230 mm  235 mm
EU 36 236 mm 241 mm 
EU 37 242 mm 247 mm 
EU 38 249 mm 254 mm 
EU 39
255 mm
260 mm 
EU 40
261 mm
266 mm 
EU 41
268 mm
273 mm 
EU 42
274 mm
279 mm 
EU 43
281 mm
286 mm 
EU 44
288 mm
293 mm
EU 45
295 mm
300 mm 
EU 46
302 mm
307 mm 
EU 47
309 mm
314 mm 

If your foot length is between the specified values (e.g. 278 mm), we recommend to choose the size "made-to-measure"  and then fill in your measurements into this form.

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ian anderson
day 19-Nov 2023 in 19:49:13

Hmm... I'm 55 years old and my foot measures 274mm and I have never in my life fitted a size 42 shoe. I usually buy 43, occasionally 44 and never once 42... or a UK size 9, occasionally 10 as 9.5 is rarely available.

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