Fittings for leather products

Decorate your bag by our fittings for leather products. Decorate your accessory by another accessory. Improve your historical costume to be perfect. You will find many various types of beautiful fittings for leather products in our e-shop. Attach the fittings in the shape of an eagle or a lily on a leather bag or belt.

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Fittings for leather products

Fittings are used to protect products from not too solid material, but can be also used as a decoration. Our beautiful fittings are designed for attachment on various leather products that will be decorated perfectly. They are castings of different metals, such as brass.

Fittings for leather products are offered in many various designs. They are usually made in gold or silver colour and decorated with different ornaments. They will decorate your leather medieval bags or medieval belts perfectly! Take a look at our Viking bags, Viking belts, belt bags, sporrans or leather pouches too.

Strap ends are forged decorations of belt ends. They can be made from different materials, of different shapes, with different ornaments. Strap ends from our e-shop are historical replicas from different periods, primarily from the Middle Ages - the Viking culture.

However, strap ends are not primarily designed for belt. The can be used also to ends of sheaths for swords and daggers or ends of harness.

You can find also a large amount of various belts inspired by ancient times in our e-shop. Take a look at some medieval belts, Viking belts or Celtic belts. Maybe, you will be interested in our belt bags.