Mythrojan, exceptional quality straight from the reenactors

Mythrojan, exceptional quality straight from the reenactors
Mythrojan has been a manufacturer of Historical and Fantasy costumes and other artefacts for more than 20 years. They seek to design, test, continually improve their own line of quality products and repeatedly working with the film industry has just strengthen their passion and enthusiasm.

Mythrojan is an up-and-coming brand based in the USA with roots in the Renaissance festival scene there. The company's owners, Keith Wescovich and Dr Gabriel Vimar, bring a wealth of experience to the table, with Keith having been a technical advisor to many Indian producers over the years and Dr Vimar bringing his vast historical expertise to the brand.

Founded in 2019, Mythrojan is focused on producing high-quality, fun and practical items for fair or festival-goers. Keith, with his background in the production side of things, was inspired to launch his own brand so that he could produce items he personally likes with exceptional quality. Mythrojan places a strong emphasis on small-scale, professional production, with high-quality materials. This has helped it grow rapidly from a one-room start-up to opening a subsidiary company in Ireland two years later, then expanding operations into Europe via Spain last year.

Keith is an American but with a seven-year history living in Italy, he brings a unique perspective on the market to Mythrojan. Currently spending a lot of time in Spain, he is eager to tap into the potential of European craftsmanship for the brand. He is confident Mythrojan will continue to grow and evolve in this new chapter.

Get one of the Mytrojan products and see for yourself the exceptional quality of their production!


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