Case armor (Kastenharnisch)

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Case armor (Kastenharnisch)

This armour consists of embossed breastplate, back and iron skirt. The shoulder strap are hobnailed.

This armour part "Case armor (Kastenharnisch)" will be made to measure to your exact size. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart.

1-Sep 2020
William Perina
verified review
An excellent cuirass with style cues from the likes of the Fredrick IX von Pettau effigy or those seen in Roskilde Domkirke depicting King Christian I and others with a near vertical 'V' waist profile, somewhat uncommon in kastenbrusts, unlike the 'U' shaped or 'boxed' waist more commonly seen. Though the scaled shoulder straps I was not able to locate a source for why they were chosen for this piece; though they are durable, comfortable and easy to attach. Upon donning the cuirass with arming doublet beneath, the fit is perfect with the backplate sunk in actually providing good support for the heavy load that is a full harness by pushing the small of the back into a straightened position and the chest behind it. The fauld articulates well on loose steel rivets (no leather articulations involved)and is of an appropriate length for where the waistline of the cuirass is located. No issues at the neckline. The arm openings are slightly too small under the armpit and may restrict maille voiders, other cuirasses have visibly wider arm openings. As of now, about half a year of after receiving it, I have had no severe issues with restricted maille voiders. To finish off, the things I would like to see improved: -Get rid of the Scaled shoulder straps or make them an optional addition -Add more bulge to the sides of the breast and backplates to change it from the uncommon 'V' waist to the common 'U' waist, but keep the waist line as tight as it is now -Open up more space beneath the armpits for maille voiders Things I liked: -Evenly spaced and symmetrical deep fluting -It promotes good posture for supporting the weight of armor -Great fit for my provided measurements -Well proportioned overall to kastenbrusts seen in various sources

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