You will find a huge range of replicas of bladed weapons on these pages. Some weapons are made by our (Czech) blacksmiths; some are imported from abroad. You can find here European broad swords, samurai swords, daggers, épées, rapiers, backswords, sabres, falchions, axes, flails, maces, battle hammers, halberds, lances, spears, knives, decorative replicas of firearms and modern weapons for self-defence.


Welcome on pages devoted to replicas of ancient, medieval and modern-age weapons. A sword was invented in ancient times. More complex types of bladed weapons for special use (lances, maces, war axes) were developed in the Middle Ages. Firearms were used in the modern period. Since their invention the importance of bladed weapons descended, but new (top forms) of bladed weapons were invented (épées, backswords, rapiers).

Weapons were made in bulk in ancient times when first great combat armies were formed. People began to want more and usurp others land, property, population etc... And wars and battles came into  the history of the mankind. After all, human desire for power deforms the world to these days. Many types of axes and swords were used in ancient times. Axes were used by the Vikings in northern Europe. A favorite weapon of the legionaries of the Roman Empire was the sword.

Favorite weapons were also pole axes in the Middle Ages. Lances, halberds and even adjusted craftsmen and farmers were used too. Real weapons were unavailable for common people wanting to fight. The sword was a popular and respectable weapon. The sword was an important part of every knight’s outfit. The knights were medieval horse warriors. They were brave, loyal and generous.

Gunpowder was imported from China at the end of the Middle Ages. The use of bladed weapons began to decline.

You can find a lot of weapon replicas in our online store. If you are fascinated by the world of the Far East and myths about fearsome Ninjas or Samurais, you will be enthused by our category devoted to Samurai swords. Categories Épées, Rapiers, Backswords will be attractive to fans of European bladed weapons. Look at the sections Pole weapons or Striking weapons. We wish you a pleasant and enlightening browsing.