Pirate Costumes

Every man likes to try somebody else’s identity from time to time. If you want to become a pirate for a while, then you will appreciate our offer of original pirate costumes. You can find men's pirate trousers, pirate sashes, pirate vests, pirate shirts, but also women's pirate corsets and jackets here.

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Pirates - Merciless Criminals of the Sea
Pirates - Merciless Criminals of the Sea
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Pirates were the sailors’ nightmare. The vision of getting rich quickly has often driven pirates to unprecedented cruelty. Some people today may see pirates as heroes fighting against the rich members of the society, but this was not really the case…
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Pirate Costumes

Do you want to prepare to their pirate role very well? It is necessary to absorb some facts about these cruel robbers before purchasing a pirate costume. Pirates have live and rob still. Some romantic charm has been kept to pirates from the past to this day. The sea was their home. Their loot was acquired using sabres and firearms. Prepare also pirate language, because pirates are noisy, vulgar, rough, rude, extroverted, violent, ruthless and cruel sea bandits. Feel free to yell properly and your role you enjoy sunny days! Do not be afraid to shout and enjoy your role great!

Freebooters usually wore brightly colored clothes composed of many parts (often a rest of robberies). Their clothing was often not changed so it was very torn, dirty and smelly soon. Profession of pirate has always been dangerous. Therefore also use accessories like an eye patch, wooden leg or a hook instead of hand. Pirate costume can be improved by massive golden earring, black scarf, parrot on the shoulder or naughty monkey.

You can find pirate costumes for men and for ladies in our e-shop.

Go back with us to the romantic world of cruel pirates. You will find here everything to fit yourself up as a distinctive pirate. We offer everything for all historical pirates.