Practical Hand Forged Items

If you like hand-forged practical artworks, you will certainly be delighted with our products. They give a historical impression. You will find feather pen set, various types of candlesticks, forged coat hook, pliers, door knocker and a next large amount of forged things in our e-shop. You will certainly love our hand-forged practical artworks.

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Practical Hand Forged Items

Hand-forged practical artworks can be used in your home, but also in historical houses (e.g. as an equipment in open-air museums). Open-air museums are also known as skansen, museums of buildings and folk museums. They demonstrate in active way how life worked at a certain place and at a certain time. They collect many old functional objects, hand-forged practical artworks too.

Hand-forged practical artworks are products of skilful black smiths. They work with iron, steel and other metals. They work with them during their heating. Today, the lack of smith is in the world, so hand-forged practical artworks are more expensive than industrially produced objects. People still appreciate them, because they can evoke the atmosphere of the good old days in their homes.