Early Medieval Shoes

Are you planning a campaign? Do you need suitable footwear in the style of fearsome Viking? So you are at the right place! You will select the Early Medieval Shoes according to your requirements and needs here. Viking and Norman shoes are made with a love for the craft and history. They are high quality, durable and made from strong and real leather. They will come in useful for any historical events!

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Care of Leather Shoes
Care of Leather Shoes
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Our leather shoes are treated with balm containing beeswax. The shoes are made of genuine leather.
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Early Medieval Shoes

Vikings and Norman were the cruellest and most feared fighters in this time. They came from northern areas, where hard winter ruled almost all year long. Only a small Viking territory was in the mild climate. Vikings were very persistent. Nevertheless they needed to protect their feet against severe winter. Viking shoes were made from strong leather because of better isolation. Early Medieval Shoes will be a perfect match for your historical costume!

Early Medieval Shoes look like modern winter footwear thanks to its shape and design. You will find many various types of shoes with the choice of diverse coloured design. Medieval shoes usually are tailored. Vikings and Normans had protected feet against cold and freeze. You can have also the protection and style like Vikings thanks to our tailored shoes in Nordic design.

The turn shoes were worn mainly from the 6th to 13th century. First professional shoemakers were beginning to appear in the High Middle Ages. The crafts were developed at that time. Therefore simple hand-made turn shoes disappeared slowly. On the contrary, there are more complex models of these shoes, created from more parts. 

The term “turn shoes” is based on the method of production of these shoes – turning inside out. Main seam between the sole and vamp will be hidden by overturning. At first these shoes were sewn inside out; they were overturned after completion. The structure of these shoes had longer lifetime period and protected against moisture. The models of turn shoes of our range usually have a firm sole. And for that reason these shoes are comfortable and have a high utility value. However, this is done at the expense of authenticity, because the additional soles were sewn only in the late Middle Age. Turn shoes were used by Vikings, Slavs, Franks, Avars and other tribes.

The turn shoes will be suited to fine-tuning of your medieval costume! Take a look at our other types of leather shoes of our wide range!