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Information about custom-made-shoes


You often ask about the possibilities in the production of our historical shoes. You can find shoes from several manufacturers in our store. The following information does not apply to imported footwear such as from Marshal Historical, Ulfberth, etc. They refer to the more expensive models produced in the Czech Republic. You simply recognize them - you can choose their size “made-to-measure” (usually the last option).

There are three types of soles according to the photo above that can be applied in our historical shoes. Examples No. 1 and 3 are so-called outdoor soles. Sole No. 2 is the most common styrofoam sole. The outdoor soles are characterized by antislip pattern and a higher durability. However, these can only be used for shoes with round tips. For shoes with sharp tips (e.g. Poulaines) they are unfortunately not applicable. The outdoor soles are available for a small extra charge, with the Viking shoes Scout the Outdoor soles are directly selectable.

The styrofoam sole is slightly softer and is available in 3 colors (black, brown and beige - as in the photo). The color of the sole is chosen according to the color of the vamp/upper leather (brown sole with brown vamp, etc.) if otherwise not stated or requested by you. The advantage of this sole is the application in all types of shoe tips.

Another thing you often ask about is the color of the vamp from which the shoes are made. We can offer you in total of 6 colors according to the sample card above. The quality and material thickness is the same for all colors. The ground beef leather is approx. 3 mm thick. The colors 1 and 3 are treated with Gore-Tex impregnation. This treatment is 100% rain-proof and well breathable.

For all colors, we recommend to clean the shoes every 3-6 months and re-impregnate them for intended use in bad weather before each use.

Care of our historical shoes:

  • Before storing the shoes, clean them with a damp cloth or sponge
  • Brush the dried shoes
  • Stuff the shoes with newspaper before storing
  • Store the shoes in a dry place outside of the heat radiation and direct sunlight
  • Use only special waxes for shoe leather to keep your shoes rain-proof and pleasantly soft.
  • Never treat the shoes with hand cream or lard!

If you have any custom wishes for your shoes, e.g. as far as the color of the vamp or type of the sole is concerned, make a note in the comment to your order. If something is unclear, we will get in touch with you.

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