Art Nouveau shoes

Are you planning to go to carnival that is Art Nouveau-oriented? Are you planning to go to historical Art Nouveau festival? So you will definitely need Art Nouveau shoes suitable to your Art Nouveau costume. You will certainly choose the shoes according to your requirements in our internet store. There are Art Nouveau shoes for women and men, in different colours and designs.

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Art Nouveau shoes

Art Nouveau is an artistic style that was manifested at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The ornamentation, unusual colours, floral motifs and curved lines were hallmarks of Art Nouveau. Of course, this was reflected on the footwear industry and the new style of Art Nouveau shoes.

Dark colours of Art Noveau shoes were dominant in the early Art Nouveau, light colours later. Women's high-heeled shoes were popular in the period around 1890. After 1901, the heel was gradually made smaller. Small heels for everyday wearing came into fashion in the year 1910. Lower heels were dominant among men's Art Nouveau shoes. Shoelaces began to apply more than button-style of tightening.

The Art Nouveau shoes will fine-tune great your men's or women's Art Nouveau costume! Take a look at our other historical footwear too, e.g. Baroque shoes.