Gothic Cuirass, 1.2 mm Steel

This elaborately crafted, beautifully detailed reconstruction of a late medieval cuirass is made of 1.2 mm (18 gauge) steel and consists of a breastplate and a backplate. More information...

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Gothic Cuirass, 1.2 mm Steel

While the chestplate is equipped with three sliding lames (so-called faulds) to protect the hips, waist, groin and lower abdomen, the gorgeous backplate is completed by a widely flared culet composed of two undulated, overlapping sliding bands that protect the buttocks. The faulds as well as the culet are articulated on steel rivets. Both the front and back feature the typical ridges, filigree cutouts and multi-layered look of the Gothic plate armours of the late Middle Ages (15th/16th c.). For better corrosion resistance, the inside of the armour is blackened.

The two halves of the torso armour are fitted around the body and secured in place with 3 mm thick, adjustable leather straps and steel buckles. This allows for a snug adjustment to a variety of sizes. The straps and buckles are firmly riveted to the chest and back plates at shoulder height and at the sides.

Please note that this item, though fully wearable, is not battle-ready cuirass. However, it is not only a great collectible or decoration/display piece, but also perfectly suited for the representation of a broad array of historical and fictional/fantasy characters. Ideal for late medieval re-enactment, LARP, stage or cosplay, it will make your transformation into a proud, noble knight or warrior just perfect.

  • Material: 1.2mm (18 ga) sheet steel, leather straps, steel buckles
  • Overall length with faulds / culet: front approx. 61 cm, back approx. 73 cm
  • (measured from the highest shoulder point down to the bottom hem)
  • Chest circumference: from approx. 120 cm (for a tight fit) up to max. 140 cm
  • (adjustable with straps and buckles)
  • Neck opening (diameter): approx. 18 cm
  • Weight: approx. 8.5 kg

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Please note:

To ensure that this torso armour is the right fit for you, please remember to take your measurements over your gambeson and/or any piece of clothing or chainmail you may plan to wear underneath!

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