Spurs and stirrups

Are you often riding on various historical events for the public? Do you need to make your riding the most effective? So also horsemen spurs will come useful for you besides suitable armour, weapon or beautiful decorative cover. You will fix them to your riding boots. The horsemen spurs in our e-shop are tailored by skilled Czech craftsmen. So choose it!

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Spurs and stirrups

Spurs are worn on the heels of riding boots. They are intended for control of horse and his movements ahead and sideways. They were used in the past and are used also today. Their using of Celts is known from the La Tene period. Medieval knights wore gild spurs, squires wore silvered spurs. They were decorative during whole history, but a decorating of spurs reached a peak in the 15Th century. Elaborated engraving and decorating with precious stones and metals were applied at that time.

Lovers of history not only use the spurs, but also often collect them. Collecting of spurs from various times can be passionate hobby for majority of them. You will find many types of horsemen spurs here, among which every fan of history and riding on horseback will choose the right spurs!

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