Are you interested in history? Are you collecting replicas of medieval weapons and armor? Do you attend the historical battle re-enactments? You will be excited about excellently produced helmets which can be found here. Take a look at Greek and Roman helmets, Viking helmets, Norman helmets, great helms, bascinets, barbutes, sallets, armets, burgonet helmets, kettle hats, morions, Saracen and Arabic helmets or Samurai helmets. There are also helmet stands.

The helmet is an essential part of the armour from the Middle Ages. Its function is to protect against injuries (of course). Helmets were made from different materials such as bones, leathers, bronze, steel and other metals. Today, helmets are used for protection during dangerous work activities, transportation, sports, etc. They are made from durable plastic.

You will find helmets from various historical epoch in this category, e.g. Viking helmets, Norman helmets, Greek and Roman helmets and Saracen and Arabic helmets.

Next great helmets can be found among our helmets of knights. They protected the whole head of knight. Their disadvantage was the fact that the view from them was limited. They arose in the late twelfth century in the context of the crusades and remained in use until the fourteenth century. Other type of helmets is the bascinet. It was important when the warrior threw great helmet during a fight. Then warrior could see and breathe better. The bascinet, without a visor, was worn underneath larger great helms. From around 1380 the visor, by this time considerably larger than earlier forms, was drawn out into a conical point like a muzzle or a beak, and was given the names "hounskull" or "pig faced". The barbute is Italian version of bascinet.

Also sallets or armets (helmets with visors) can be found in our offer. Removable visor was attached to lighter types of helmets. Maybe, you will be enthused by burgonets and kettle hats. We have fantasy and other helmetsfor fans.

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I have ordered a sword in your store and would like to order a scabbard now, how?

The scabbards are made exactly to the size of the blade. Please select a scabbard you like. If you´re not sure, whether it is a suitable one, contact us with your order number and we will recommend you a suitable style. If you have already received the sword, we will ask you after receiving your order to submit several measurements of the sword blade. If we still have not dispatched the sword, we will take measurements of the blade ourselves and have the scabbard made for you in correct size.

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