Chest and back plate, 15th cen.

The individual parts are connected with firm leather straps and sturdy brass buckles that are riveted to the steel parts with brass rivets with rosette-washers. The two-piece shiftet breastplate has a flat bulge (also called Tapul), four taces with a central ridge and one-piece tassets with fluted edges. The back plate has a central, upward groove. All the circumferential edges are bordered.  More information...

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Chest and back plate from a 15th century Foot Soldier Armour

  • Hand-made from carbon steel plate (not stainless)
  • Thickness optional 1.3 or 1.5mm
  • Brushed finish (matt satin)
  • Size either UNI (Ca XL, Chest perimeter approx. 48“ / 122cm) or made-to measure according to this measurement chart (please fill in the data 2a-c, 3a, 3f, 3g, 3i-3p).
  • Weight approximately 8.4 kg (UNI, material thickness 1.3mm)
  • Made in the Czech Republic 

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