House of Warfare: Crafting Authenticity with Integrity

House of Warfare: Crafting Authenticity with Integrity
A global leader in the medieval replica industry, House of Warfare stands tall as the one of the favorite brands for LARPers and reenactors around the world.

About House of Warfare

Initially, the brand's primary offerings centered on plate armor and chainmail. However, post-acquisition of our brand & main manufacturing facilities by the S.N Group, we witnessed a significant expansion in our product portfolio, with leatherwork and accessories emerging as a key growth sector. In that respect, our significant investment in the last few years to develop our Spanish production unit has allowed us to leverage the world-renowned expertise of Spanish leather craftsmanship to launch a unique range of 'Made in Spain' leatherwork. We are now expanding our Spanish operation to include some LARP weapons & accessories.

And today, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of both historical and fantasy items directly inspired by Antique & Medieval History and the great classics of medieval fantasy.

A Commitment to Ethics and Excellence

Following the said acquisition, our evolution under the benevolent leadership of Captain Saurabh Mahajan has been monumental. His staunch belief in ethics, safety, and fair treatment of employees prompted a wave of reforms within House of Warfare. Our rigorous journey to adhere to the SMETA rules was challenging but indispensable. Today, our SMETA certification distinguishes us from many in the industry, echoing our unwavering commitment to ethical trade, labor practices, impeccable health and safety standards, and environmental responsibility.

Our certification isn't just a mark on paper; it's a testament to our ethos and a promise to our esteemed clientele.

House of Warfare At A Glance

  • SMETA Certified: One of the rare firm in the medieval replica industry with this accreditation, we're dedicated to setting the standard for ethical and responsible business practices. Upholding our standards to continually align with the stringent criteria of this accreditation is undeniably challenging, but we are steadfast in our belief that it unequivocally worths the effort.
  • Financially strong company with a long history of kept commitment and orders delivered on time: Our legacy is built on consistently delivering on our commitments and ensuring that every order reaches its destination on time.
  • Unique “Made in Spain” range of products :  Spanish craftsmanship in leather is recognized worldwide for its excellence. We are pleased to offer you the very best of it for your events! House of Warfare's "Made in Spain" leather range has seen tremendous success in Europe and the USA over the past few years, proving that our initial intuition was good, and we are now looking to expand into LARP weapons and accessories.
  • 3000sq/m warehouse with big stocks ready for immediate dispatch in India and Spain: Many of our best sellers are constantly storage in large quantity both in Europe and India to cater to your immediate needs.
  • Constantly Evolving: We never rest on our laurels. Our catalog is frequently updated, expanding to include the latest in historical and fantasy items.
  • Superior Packaging: We place high importance on the secure delivery of our products. Utilizing premium-grade cardboard packaging and taking meticulous precautions, such as safeguarding every single buckles and sharp edges, we exceed industry norms and always do the extra mile our competitor don’t to guarantee that each item is delivered to you in impeccable condition.
  • Unwavering Values: Our company values honesty and keeping being at the edge of innovation. We specialize in high-quality historical and fantasy items to bring the best fun to your weekends. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Step into our World

House of Warfare invites you to experience the beauty of the past with the assurance of ethical craftsmanship. We're more than just a brand; we're a promise of integrity, quality, and passion.

For inquiries, collaborations, or to immerse yourself in our world, contact us.

House of Warfare - Where Authenticity Meets Integrity.


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