Viking shoes Haithabu

These shoes represent very authentic reconstruction made after a find from the Viking town Haithabu (at Schleswig, Germany). They are dated to approx. 900-1150. There is a high cut with lacing around the foot both above and below the ankle. The shoes have extracted outsole at the heel, which is common for northern European and the early Middle Ages shoes. More information...

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Viking shoes Haithabu style, turn-sewn

Please note: These shoes' durability is not comparable to modern footwear. They are sensitive to asphalt and gravel. We recommend to use insoles or to wear patten shoes.

  • Material: vegetable-tanned cowhide
  • Colour: brown
  • Thickness of the outsole approx. 4mm
  • Thickness of the upper leather approx. 1mm
  • Available sizes: 40 to 47

Please note: This is a replica of medieval shoes that are in no way comparable to modern shoes. Above all we mean the wearing comfort and the durability of the shoes. The use of insoles and thicker socks can increase your comfort. The durability of the shoe corresponds to the indoor use in theatre performances. These shoes are not suitable for outdoor walks, show fights or other uses where the soles are rubbed off. Acceptable is e.g. the use of guards / film extras who rather stand and go very little. If you use the shoes in an " active way", they wear out quickly. This is not considered by us as a reason for complaint - it is a natural feature of this article, which is hereby clearly declared!

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