Merchant shoes, 15th century

These shoes are manufactured according to a template from the 15th century. They can be also seen in many illuminations from this period. They are shown for example as equipment of the infantry soldiers or as footwear of traveling merchants. The Merchant shoes are stitched in turn-seam by hand. They lace up with three pairs of leather laces. Notches are ground into their leather soles, so that the shoes do not slip when walking.

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Merchant shoes, 15th century

  • Available in dark brown only, as depicted in the photos.

The Merchant shoes are available in standard EUR sizes. If you select the size "made-to-measure", they will be manufactured according to this measurement chart. Please fill it in after you finish your order.

Care of the Merchant shoes

The shoes are treated with balm containing beeswax. The shoes are made of genuine leather. You can treat them with various shoe care products. The balm softens the leather soft and waterproofs it. Moreover, it makes the leather darker. If you do not have the balm, you can also use oil for leather or a normal shoe polish. The shoes polish can easily tone the leather color and cover minor imperfections (e.g. scuffed shoe tips).

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