Ankle Boots, 13 cen.

These ankle boots are provided with a pinched sole made of strong genuine cowhide. The simple cut slightly rounds off the sharp toe cap. The upper leather strap spans the foot under the ankle and is tied with a leather string. The elegant shape, the decorative red hem and the - compared to other shoe models of that time - good wearing comfort creates ideal ankle boots for a wealthy citizen or a nobleman of the 13th century. These ankle boots are made after a rendering on a French sculpture from the 2nd half of the 13th century. More information...

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Ankle Boots, 2nd half of the 13th century

These decorated anhkle boots are made from natural leather. Please note that the leather used, is a natural material, where small marks and imperfections on the surface may occur. The coarseness and exact colour tone may vary from piece to piece as a consequence of the traditional dying.

Made by Marshal Historical

Insole length:

36 24.5
37 25
38 25.5
39 26
40 26,5
41 27,2
42 28
43 28,5
44 29
45 30
46 30,5

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