Early Middle Ages Viking shoes of the Jorvik type with leather buttons

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Early Middle Ages Viking shoes of the Jorvik type with leather buttons

  • Shoe height approx. 19cm
  • Upper leather thickness approx. 2mm
  • The nailed sole has a material thickness of 6mm
  • Color: dark brown
  • Weight of a pair of shoes approx. 900 g


Sole length

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 EUR 42


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 EUR 43


 US 10

 EUR 44


 US 11

 EUR 45


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These early medieval shoes are partially handmade from sturdy buffalo leather. They are fastened with leather buttons and the soles are nailed with cobbler nails.

These ankle boots are based on archaeological finds in the northern English city of York, in the former Jorvik. We date them to the 9th and 10th centuries AD, the time when England was divided into several smaller kingdoms and withstood numerous invasions by the Vikings. Many "Danes" then settled in England and conquered York for about a hundred years.

Since these shoes coincide in time and place, we can easily call them Viking shoes. These ankle boots have a very distinctive fastening: on two leather buttons (leather rollers). These can be replaced with bone or corner buttons.

For casual wear and a wide instep, we recommend choosing one size larger.

Shoes of this type have long been worn by members of all walks of life. This type of shoe is on display in the London Museum. It dates from the 9th century. A very similar type of shoe was also found in Haithabu, a German early medieval shopping mall. These so-called Viking shoes are of a very general style and go with reconstructions of a larger historical period.

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