Italian Globose Breast Plate approx. 1390 16g

This Italian Breastplate is ideal for re-enactment events and has a true European look. With one large sheet of steel with a small v-shaped detail attached to the front. More information...

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Italian Globose Breast Plate approx. 1390 16g

Available in sizes for the chest girth up to:

  • M - 104cm
  • L - 114cm
  • XL - 127cm

Size L

  • Height approx. 36cm
  • Chest width approx. 37.5cm
  • Width at the waist approx. 31.5cm
  • Weight approx. 2420 g

size XL

  • Height: 38cm
  • Chest width approx. 38.5cm
  • Width at the waist 33cm
  • Weight approx. 2520 g
  • Closing with 2 crossed straps over the back

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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