Knights Templar armor for sale

The suit of armor is provided with a Templar investiture sword, a parade shield decorated by the “Sigillum Militum Xristi” Templar emblem and a white cloak with a red Patteé Cross embroidered near the left shoulder. This armor is totally made in iron and steel with brass cuttings and it's assembled on an elegant wooden leathered basement. More information...

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Knights Templar armor for sale

This full size Templar Knight Suit of Armor replica, inspired by 15th Century Suits of Armor that were typical of the armor worn by the crusaders in the Holy Land. The Great Helm, breastplate and gauntlets are rich in Templar decorations such as the Patteé Crosses and others Templars' seals and emblems.

  • Full Size reproduction
  • Handcrafted Steel and Iron construction with "old patina" finish
  • Overall height incl. pedestal approx. 200cm
  • Overall height of the armor without pedestal approx. 175cm
  • Weight of the armor without shield and sword approx. 39,5 kg
  • Weight of the shield approx. 2,4 kg
  • Weight of the sword approx. 3,0 kg
  • Wood Platform Base of approx. 56x56cm
  • Delivered partially disassembled - some assembly required

As this armor is completely made by hand by expert armourers, its production is LIMITED by the quantity of approx. 30 suits per year.

This is just an ornamental item, not suitable for combat or any other practical use! Premium quality made in Spain by Marto.

Our experience with the Knights Templar armor for sale

This full suit of armor is mounted on solid wooden construction, which runs through the legs. The wooden structure is divided in the middle into two parts (about where the pelvis is) with a lock, which is secured by two screws or bolts.

The lower part of the stand imitates the legs of the knight. Around the waist under the cuirass is attached a velvet skirt and a short chain armor over it. However, it is only a short "skirt" made of chain-mail mesh. The surface of all steel plates of the armor is chrome plated. It is therefore not necessary to degrease the armor and conserve it regularly. Just unpack it, put the parts together and put it on display. There are dark decorative etchings of the Templar crosses on the cuirass.

Unlike the original photograph of Marto, we photographed the armor without the Templar cape, so that you can see the armor from behind. The gauntlets are decorated on the cuffs with brass crosses.

The base of the armor looks very noble. Its top is covered with a good-looking fake leather. The corners and the openings for the tip of the shield and the sword blade are covered/lined with stainless steel. The tassets, arms and helmet are attached to other parts of the armor with sturdy leather straps. The front plate (breastplate) is connected to the back plate with a kind of locks / detents. So you can easily put the cuirass together and disassemble it. The posture of the armor is designed so that the knight could hold the sword and the shield as if he was keeping watch. Two pieces of wire that connect the gauntlets with sword and shield are included in the delivery. They prevent that this accessory falls off, e.g. when you shift the armour.

Although the armor is mainly made by machine, its general shape and especially all details are very well done. The quality of the craftmanship is based on the long tradition of the metal production in Toledo (Spain). This armor will be especially enjoyed by men who are interested in the history of the Knights Templar, or those who carry the soul of a knight and acknowledge the traditional values of this Order (faith, courage, charity, justice, mercy, generosity, nobility and hope). Last but not least, such a Knights Templar armor for sale can be used as a splendid complement to historically stylized interiors.

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