Italian Gothic Suit Armor 14 cen

The steel armours parts became popular during the middle of the 13th century and succeeded by full plate armour during the late 14th century. Germany and Italy were the main centers of the production of steel armour. The armours were mainly produced in “Gothic” style. This replica has been reproduced Italian Gothic design. The armour offered a great deal of effective protection and was well acclaimed throughout Europe. It provided a rounded surface to both lance and sword. This armour is made of 18 gauge steel and comes complete with full skeletal body and decorative skirt. Leather straps come attached. The wooden pedestal gives it an alluring height of 213cm (7 feet). More information...

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Italian Gothic Suit Armor 14th century

  • Crafted from 18 Gauge Steel (1,2mm thick)
  • Fully Articulated and Wearable like a historical garment. Please note: it is not a fully functional battle-ready full suit of knight armor!
  • Features an Italian Gothic Style
  • Smooth Edges Are Both Appealing and Protective
  • Includes a Decorative Skirt
  • Also Includes a Skeletonized Body for Armor and a Wooden Stand
  • Worn Using Leather Straps
  • Overall height incl. wooden base approx. 200cm
  • Height of the armour without base approx. 177cm
  • Overall weight approx 45 kg

Premium quality, made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

Our experience with this replica of Italian armor from the 14th century

It should be noted in advance that this armor was made in India. Our purchasing manager visited several Indian manufacturers. In his opinion, this is one of the best-done works that he personally inspected on his trips.

Although it is a decorative armor, you can see how quickly the craftsmanship of Asian producers improves from year to year. The design of the wooden base and the internal wooden structure in the armor reflect the close cooperation with the Spanish manufacturer Marto, the armor stands of which are made in a very similar way.

The helmet is a closed basinet with round visor, as is was common at the end of the 14th century. There are drilled many air holes into the visor (muzzle) and its neck guard is lined with a number of decorative rivets. The helmet opens on lateral bolts, which are located approximately over the temples.

The arm harness start from the top with pauldrons consisting of broad overlapping shoulder plates hung on solid leather straps riveted to the breastplate. The front pair of shoulder plates are equipped with beaded neck guards (germ. Klingenbrecher) at the top. Two-piece closed upper cannons (rerebraces) are attached to the pauldrons. The arms further consist of three-piece elbow cops with large wings (shells) that protect the inner elbow bends, and finally of divided lower cannons (vambraces), the edges of which are bent. The hands of the imaginary knight protect simple mitten-gauntlets, the cuffs of which are lined with rivets like the neck guard of the helmet.

The intricately crafted cuirass consists of a round front plate with a wide leather strap and a robust brass buckle in the middle of the chest. All leather straps and brass buckles look very well. Praiseworthy are also the brass-reinforced ends of all leather straps. The manufacturer did not save on materials at all! The same applies to all used materials, such as steel, leather and brass. The breast plate is followed by fauld of four lames. On the lower lame, two pairs of fluted tassets are hung on the front and sides. The back plate has culet of three lames. The lower lame is bevelled and pointed in the middle downwards. On the second lame from below are two brass-studded belts, the function of which seems to be merely decorative.

Similarly as it is done at Marto, the knight buttocks are covered with a fringed cloth skirt. Thus, the ugly connection of the wooden structure to which the armor is attached, is elegantly covered.

Legs of the knight protect a richly fluted three-piece leg kit (cuisses with poleyns in one-piece, closed greaves and sabatons). The knees are protected from the side with large fluted wings (shells). The greaves are provided with hinges on the outer sides and closed with straps and buckles on the inside. The legs armor is already attached to the wooden structure. You will get the leg kit in one piece with the inner construction and base, without having to assemble these parts. One detail escaped our photographer's notice when taking the snaps: the left greave stuck behind the edge of the left sabaton (iron shoe). On the other hand, you can have a look at this well-done detail that is unlikely to be seen anywhere else. The sabatons with closed heels consists of seven parts each and their tips are pointed. Compared to other armors made in India, on this detail you can recognize the armorer's craftmanship. According to our experience with Asian "wannabe replicas" of medieval armors, the sabatons of most of them look as if their parts had been cut out of a gutter, ignoring the elegant curved lines of the originals.

This armor is different at last, and therefore we are glad that we can not only offer it, but also recommend it with a clear conscience. The manufacturer does not have to be ashamed of his work. A team of experienced armourers and other craftsmen has done a great job on this replica!

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