Templar dagger Militium Xristi with scabbard

This dagger is equipped with a blade made of high carbon steel with a diamond profile. There is a perforation in the shape of a Templar cross in the ricasso. The pommel contains the symbol of the Templars in reverse form - it can therefore be used as a seal. On both sides of the parry is the Latin inscription Militum Xristi "Seal of the Soldiers of Christ". More information...

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Templar dagger Militium Xristi with scabbard

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

  • Total length 395mm
  • Blade length 246mm
  • Length of the cross-guard 135mm
  • Pommel "square pear" with final cross-section 24.2 x 24.5mm
  • The Templar emblem embossed on the pommel has a diameter of 21mm
  • Blade cross-section at the parry 4.31 x 32.6mm
  • Blade cross-section 5cm off the tip 2.4 x 12mm
  • Very sharp blade, only approx. 0.3mm thick
  • The blade is very pointed
  • The chape and mouth plate on the scabbard is made of metal
  • The dagger is attached to the handle with a strap and saddler pin
  • The inscription "Windlass Marto" is etched on one side of the blade at the guard
  • On both sides of the parry there is a relief inscription "Militum Xristi"
  • Weight of the dagger alone 366 g
  • Weight of the scabbard alone 103 g
  • Manufactrer´s item code: 404501

Premium quality, made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

The driving force of the Knights Templar was faith. Believe in God, belief in their mission and belief in one another. This dagger reminds of those brave knights.

If you hold this dagger in your hand, no one will doubt that this beautiful weapon could have defended the Holy Land. The original hand-wound leather handle and the hand-finished solid steel parts show how hard and beautiful this dagger really is.

Together with the Templar dagger you receive a sheath made of high quality leather, which is equipped with a belt loop and a locking pin so that the dagger does not fall out of the sheath even when running.

This dagger is a pair weapon for the sword # 501691 so-called Faithkeeper.

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