Templar dagger Gui de Foresta

Our decorative Crusader Dagger of the Knights Templar has a carbon steel blade with wide fuller. The handle is made of wood and is wrapped in a very complex way with braided leather belt. The dagger has a solid guard and an octagonal brass pommel. Both Guard and the pommel are decorated with red enamelled crosses. The dagger comes with a nice leather sheath with belt loop. More information...

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Item number: 9417

Templar dagger Gui de Foresta, Decoration

This dagger is the perfect pair- weapon for our popular Templar Sword Gui de Foresta.

  • Overall length 44.5cm
  • Blade length approx. 30cm
  • Max. blade width 44mm
  • Blade edge 2.5mm
  • Belt loop: for up to 6.5cm wide belts
  • Weight approx. 750 g

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