Gunto Katana Captain John Lee

As Gunto is called the Japanese military sword. End of the 19th century, the design was inspired by the French military saber. In order to bring closer the troops the spirit of the samurai code of honor (Bushido), it was decided from 1934 for one, is leaning against the Katana appearance. The swords of common soldiers were usually manufactured industrially and therefore were of basic quality. In contrast, the high-ranking military swords were often equipped with traditional blades from the family heritage. The rank of an officer could be seen in the colors of Sageos. In contrast to the Katana sageo was mounted on the handle end of the Gunto. This John Lee Gunto has colors corresponding with the captain rank.

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Gunto Katana Captain John Lee

Sharp, hand forged blade of 1045 carbon steel (not stainless).

  • Sword in shinogi-zukuri style.
  • Traditional wooden handle with real ray skin lining and button closure.
  • Handle wrapped in brown cotton Hineri Maki style.
  • Brown painted wooden scabbard.
  • High quality two-coloured sageo.
  • Supplied in an attractive collector's box.
  • Manufactured after a historical original.
  • This original John Lee Sword is accompanied by a seal and an authenticity certificate.
  • Blade length 72 cm
  • Total length (without scabbard) 102.5 cm
  • Weight (without scabbard) 1150 g

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