John Lee Tsuru Katana

In Japan the crane is a symbol of luck and longevity. According to ancient Japanese legend, whoever folds 1,000 origami cranes, he will have a wish fulfilled by the gods. More information...

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John Lee Tsuru Katana

  • Handle length approx. 305mm
  • Blade length approx. 720mm
  • Total length (without scabbard) approx. 1030mm
  • Weight (without scabbard) approx. 1000 g
  • The technical data can differ slightly from sword to sword.

The blade, made in the Shinogi-Zukuri style, has a fuller (Bo-Hi).

The blade is hand-forged from 1045 carbon steel.

The blade is sharpened and has a fake hamon line.

The handle wrapping made of brown cotton is made in the classic Hineri-Maki style.

Supplied with a black, high-gloss lacquered sheath (Kuroro style) made of solid wood.

The blade with a long tang is fixed in the handle with 2 bamboo pins (Mekugi). The sword can thus be fully dismantled.

No plastic is used, only high-quality, authentic materials were used.

Blade clamp (Habaki) and washer (Seppa) are made of brass.

The traditional handle wrap is underlaid with genuine ray skin.

All ornamental parts (tsuba, fuchi, menuki, kashira) are made of cast metal.

Delivery including a protective cover made of cloth and in an attractive collector's case.

Every original John Lee sword comes with a seal and a certificate of authenticity.

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