Katana Dragon Tokuni by John Lee


A particularly noble version of the popular Dragon Katana. The dragon still plays a major role in Japan, especially at the New Year celebrations. The tsuba of this remarkable sword forms a dragon that surrounds the sword and is darkly mottled in this katana. The rest of the ornamentation also show the mystical mythical creature and are also darkly mottled. Shinogi-Zukuri-style blade with fuller (Bo-Hi), hand-forged from 1045 carbon steel.  More information...

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Katana Dragon Tokuni by John Lee

  • Handle length 30.5cm
  • Blade length 72cm
  • Total length (without scabbard) 103cm
  • Weight (without scabbard) 1000 g

The blade is sharpened with an integrated Hamon line for a particularly authentic look. Handle wrapped in black cotton in the classic Hineri-Maki style. Black, high-gloss lacquered scabbard (Kuroro style) made of wood. With a long tang, which is fixed in the handle with 2 bamboo pins (Mekugi). The sword can thus be fully dismantled. No plastic is used, only high-quality, authentic materials are used. Blade clamp (Habaki) and washers (Seppa) are made of brass. The traditional handle wrapping is underlaid with real ray skin. All ornamental rates (tsuba, fuchi, menuki, kashira) are made of metal.

Supplied with a protective cover made of fabric and in an attractive collector's box.

Every original John Lee sword comes with a seal and a certificate.

25-Aug 2022
verified review
The katana is beautiful and well made but it is not sharp

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