Shirasaya Katana light by John Lee

As Shirasaya refers to a special sword mount, which was formerly used for the gentle keeping the blade. Especially in times of peace, the blades were kept in it perfectly protected. The unpainted Magnolia wood absorbs the moisture inside the sheath, leading them to the outside and thus protects the blade from rust. Many Shirasaya were provided with a "Sayagaki", an inscription, which gave information on Smith, Origin and classification. On the streets of Japan, the inconspicuous outfit was no handle and guard, especially in the late 19th Century use. At the time of the emperor performing Samurai swords banned. The Shirasaya mount, which saw a wooden sword and wooden stick was very similar, a clever way to wear the sword still unnoticed. More information...

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Shirasaya Katana light by John Lee

In principle is this Shirasaya is due to the sharpened blade suitable for cutting tests tamageshiri. However, we do not recommend this because there is no tsuba to protect your hand from slipping.

  • Sword in Shinogi zukuri style with channeling (Bo-Hi), hand-forged from 1045 carbon steel.
  • Sharp blade with integrated Hamon line with particularly autentischer optics.
  • Wooden scabbard.
  • Long fishing, which is connected two bamboo pins (Mekugi) is fixed in the handle.

The sword is thus fully dismantled. It only high-quality, authentic materials are used, no plastic is used. Blade collar (habaki) and washers (Seppa) are made of brass. Supplied with a protective cover John Lee.

  • Handle length 28cm
  • Blade length 72.5
  • Hardness of the blade: Blade back approx. 40 °, cutting edge 52-55 ° HRC
  • The blade edge is approx. 0,3mm thick
  • Overall length (without sheath) 100.5cm
  • Weight (without the sheath) 940 g

The protective wooden case, in which is the product packaged, comes free of charge.

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