Baroque-style Horsewoman dress Dona

The upper part on this elegant horsewoman dress is made up from velvet bodice that is laced up on the back. Its front part is adorned with silver-coloured braiding. The sleeves are ended with bells decorated with frill from lace.  The skirt is wide enough and prolonged to form a trailer to cover the back of the horse, which is appropriate at horsewoman dress like this.

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XXL | walking (no riding) | incl. hat | 182 cm
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Baroque-style Horsewoman dress Dona, 17thcentury

If you are going just to walk in this horsewoman dress, you can wear a crinoline and a bum roll under it. If you are going to ride on a horse, the skirt of this dress will be made about 50cm longer. Wearing a crinoline is not possible when riding a horse. A bum roll is not necessary either; the lady in the photo has none under the horsewoman dress either.

  • Parts of the costume: one two-part-dress
  • Tricorn hat available for extra charge
  • The standard version of this costume is made out of these materials: genuine velvet (100% cotton), taffeta (100% Polyester), decorative lace (95% cotton + 5 nylon)

This Baroque-style Horsewoman dress can be made in various colors according to these sample cards. Please note the requested color(s) into your order, in the field for your comment. Please specify always (1) the number of the sample card, (2) letter of the color, and (3) description of the colour (Example: 04-F-blue). If you choose a fabric with different composition, the price may change. Possible price change will be consulted with you before processing the order.

This Baroque-style Horsewoman dress is available in standard sizes or can be made exactly to your measure at no additional charge. In the latter case please fill in this measurement chart after finishing your order.

Information about cleaning and care.

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30.4.2016 15:59

Angilka Pflugbeil

Hut zum Kleid : Größe 55cm

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