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The wood grip of the Medieval Dagger Baselard is wrapped in leather cord for a good hold while the high carbon well tempered blade comes to a strong point. A scabbard is included. More information...

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Medieval Dagger Baselard

  • Blade made of 1055 carbon steel
  • Overall length approx. 433mm
  • The blade is approx. 305mm long
  • The Blade is at the cross-guard approx. 44,5mm wide and 4,2mm thick
  • The Cross-guards are approx. 62,5mm long and 20,9mm thick
  • The blade is approx. 5cm off the blade point approx. 19,11mm wide and 3,37mm thick
  • The blade is peened behind the rear guard.
  • The blade edge is approx. 1mm thick
  • Weight of the dagger approx. 424 g
  • Weight of the sheath approx. 92 g
  • The dagger comes with a leather scabbard.

Specs can vary slightly from dagger to dagger.

Premium Quality, made by Windlass Steelcrafts® For security reasons and as prevention against confiscation by the customs, we do not deliver this dagger with a knife-sharp edge and point. You can re-sharpen the approx. 0,5mm thick edge yourself with a whetstone or with this sharpening kit.

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