Baselard, swiss dagger

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Baselard, swiss dagger


  • 37,6cm – overall length
  • 25,3cm – blade length
  • 3,9cm5 – blade width at the guard
  • Handle made of exotic wood species (such as African locust or Padouk)
  • Sharp edge
  • Weight of the baselard is approx. 310 g

The baselard is a historical type of dagger or short sword of the Late Middle Ages. In modern use by antiquarians, the term baselard is mostly reserved for a type of 14th century weapon with an H-shaped handle which evolved out of the 13th-century knightly dagger. Contemporary usage was less consequent, and the term in Middle French and Middle English could probably be applied to a wider class of large dagger. The term (in many spelling variants) first appears in the first half of the 14th century. There is evidence that the term baselard is in origin a Middle French or Middle Latin corruption of the German basler "Basel knife". Both the term baselard and the large dagger with H-shaped hilt or "baselard proper" appear by the mid 14th century. Several 14th-century attestations from france gloss the term as coutel "knife".

Please read our: Directions for the use of bladed weapons.

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