German Gothic Sallet, 15th C., 2mm Steel

The helmet known as the sallet superseded the bascinet in the 15th c. By the mid-century, it had become one of the most worn combat helmets throughout Europe. This helmet type existed in many shapes and variations - from plain to elaborately crafted, open-faced or visored, with a more or less pronounced tail-piece, etc. - and was especially popular in Italy (celata), Germany (Schaller), France (salade) and England. More information...

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German Gothic Sallet, 15th C., 2mm Steel

The hand-forged sallet we offer here is based on a German example dated to ca. 1480-1490. It is made of 2mm thick steel and thus suitable for combat re-enactment. The one-piece bowl features a projecting neck guard and a slight ridge or crest running along its apex. It is equipped with a face guard that is hinged on steel rivets and lockable. When closed, the visor leaves an approx. 1 to 1.5cm wide, 18cm long eye-slit with an extended lower lip, which ensures sufficient vision and ventilation. The blackened interior is fitted with a leather suspension liner attached with rivets, and the leather chin strap closes with a brass buckle.

This fully wearable, late medieval visored helmet will make your transformation into a noble knight just perfect. Of course, it will also make a great, decorative addition to any helmet collector’s treasure chamber.


  • Suited for combat reenactment
  • Material: 2mm steel, leather inlay, leather chin strap with brass buckle
  • Suitable for head circumference up to approx. 66cm
  • Long distance (back to front) approx. 23cm
  • Short distance (ear to ear) approx. 19cm
  • Height approx. 24cm
  • Weight approx. 2.4 kg

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

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