Greek Hoplite Sword Xiphos

Hoplites carried mostly a short sword called a xiphos, but later also longer and heavier types. The short sword was a secondary weapon, used if or when their spears were broken or lost, or if the spear phalanx broke rank. The xiphos usually had a blade around 60 centimetres (24 in) long; however, those used by the Spartans were often only 30–45 centimetres long. This very short xiphos would be very advantageous in the press that occurred when two lines of hoplites met, capable of being thrust through gaps in the shieldwall into an enemy's unprotected groin or throat, while there was no room to swing a longer sword. Such a small weapon would be particularly useful after many hoplites had started to abandon body armour during the Peloponnesian War. More information...

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Greek Hoplite Sword Xiphos

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

This Greek Hoplite Sword Xiphos has a spectacular blade with a central rib. Arched Black Leather Handle allows a safe grasp. Nice ornamented circular guard and pommel.

  • Blade made of stainless steel AISI 420
  • Guard and pommel made of Zamak
  • Handle with wooden core wrapped with leather
  • Overall length approx. 657mm
  • Blade length approx. 491mm
  • The cross-guard is approx. 106mm long and approx. 45mm thick
  • The blade at the guard is approx. 50,8mm wide and 7.0mm thick
  • The pommel is approx. 44mm high and has 41mm in diameter
  • The thinner parts of the blade are approx. 2mm thick
  • The blade edge is approx. 1.0mm thick
  • Point of Balance lies approx. 25mm off the guard
  • Weight of the sword approx. 1552 g
  • No sheath included

Premium Quality Sword from the Exclusive Collection "Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords" made by MARTO®.

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