Roman Centurion Gladius


This beautiful Centurion gladius has a hand forged and tempered high carbon steel blade; it is truly worthy of a Roman Centurion. All antiqued parts are meticulously hand finished of solid wood with metal accents to complete this regal piece. Features a baldric with a custom wood scabbard wrapped in leather and accented with real metal detail. More information...

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Roman Centurion Gladius

Great for LARP (live action role playing), cosplay, Halloween, fancy dress parties, theatrical props, and historical reenactments.

  • The total length approx. 714mm with the nut behind the pommel
  • Overall length approx. 686mm only up the pommel end
  • Blade length approx. 505mm
  • Length of the wooden handle approx. 107.7mm
  • Hand-carved handle with rings (cross section approx.31.9 x 22.5mm) and notches (approx. 26.9 x 18.4mm)
  • Cross section of the blade at the guard approx. 50.2 x 4.12mm
  • The widest part of the blade is approx. 155mm off the tip, here the blade has a cross-section of approx. 50.2 x 3.3mm
  • The narrowest part of the blade lies approx. 190mm off the parry, here is their cross-section approx. 41.19 x 3.8mm
  • Thickness of the striking edge (cutting edge) approx. 1.2mm
  • The blade has a diamond cross-section ans is dark patinated
  • Dimensions of the parry approx. 35.8 x 77.25 x 49.44mm
  • Pommel and parry are light-alloy castings with old brass finish
  • The pommel measures approx. 67 x 47.8 x 37.5mm
  • The pin with internal thread (nut at the end of the pommel) is approx. 25.9mm long and its diameter is approx. 14.8mm
  • Together with the sword you will get a metal-studded wooden sheath with shoulder strap. The chape- point of  the sheath corresponds with its shape of the nut at the pommel of the sword
  • Weight of Gladius approx. 790 g
  • Weight of the Sheath with carrying strap approx. 520 g
  • Material: 1065 High Carbon Steel

Premium quality, made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

8-May 2021
I. N.
verified review
Das Schwert ist sehr gut verarbeitet und ist das Geld wert. Die Scheide sieht gut aus, könnte in der Verarbeitung verbessert werden. Der Kontakt mit der Firma war sehr nett.

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