The prototype for this remarkably nice tsuba must have made a big master of the 18th century. In contrast to blades were tsubas not signed in the past. The creators are unfornately unknown. The tsuba is laboriously shaped, with golden cherry blossoms (Sakura) - one of the most important symbols of the Japanese Culture. Thay symbolize beauty and departure of the past. Each sword is delivered with a seal as a proof of originality. You will get the sword in a textile sheath and a premium quality collector wooden cassette. More information...

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  • Blade length to the tsuba 74cm
  • Overall length without scabbard 104cm
  • Blade incurvation (Sori) approx. 18-20mm
  • blade hardness at the blade back approx. 40 HRC
  • blade hardness of the blade edge approx. 48-51 HRC
  • fine hamon line
  • damascus steel 1045 with approx. 8000 layers 
  • The Point of Balance of the Sword is located about 13cm from the tsuba.
  • suitable for cutting tests with tatami
  • Length of the grip 30cm
  • Kojiri, Kurigata, Koiguchi are made of bufalo horn and brass
  • Blade razor-edge sharp!
  • Weight without scabbard approx. 1040 g / with scabbard approx. 1300 g
  • Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Wood / Ray Skin / Cotton
  • Sheath: Wood

The Golden Flower Katana features an extraordinarily beautiful tsuba which certainly has been made by a grand master in the 18th century. As these did not sign their work in contrary to the blade smiths, the creator is not known by name. The tsuba has been intricately decorated with golden cherry blossoms (sakura). The cherry blossom is one of the most important symbols in Japanese culture. It stands for beauty, departure and the transience of life.

The Katana has a hand forged blade made of carbon steel with a fine hamon and has been tempered traditionally. In addition, the steel of the blade has been folded 12 times, that means about 8000 layers have been created which give the sword a beautiful damascus pattern. The sharp blade features a hi (fuller) to reduce the total weight. The handle (tsuka) is made of wood, has been coated with real fish skin and features two menukis. In addition, it has been traditionally wrapped in black cotton. The tang is especially long and fixed with one bamboo peg (mekugi). The scabbard (saya) is made of wood and the blade collar (habaki) is made of brass. This tanto has been made according to original museum exhibitions. The sword comes with a certificate of origin, wrapped in cloth and packed in a high-quality wooden box. All measures are subject to estimation.

Samurai swords warranty.

The protective wooden case, in which is the product packaged, comes free of charge.

24-Feb 2022
Jiří Pražák
verified review
Absolutní spokojenost, splněné očekávání,super cena.
24-Jun 2021
Jiří Zeman
verified review
Velice krásná katana, jenom mě trochu mrzí, že hamon, ačkoliv je zmíněn v popisku, tak opravdu na meči není nikterak vidět. Fotky k produktu tedy odpovídají, video, na kterém hamon lze vidět, však nikoliv. Katana též v pochvě příliš nedrží a až příliš snadno z ní vypadne.
2-Mar 2021
Marko Stranovský
verified review
Majstrovské dielo! Vyvážený a odolná čepeľ <}. Prišiel v nádhernej krabičke a balení... za danú cenu až neuveriteľná kvalita, môžem len odporučiť, či už ako dekoráciu alebo na praktické účely!

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